IAMI GUEST Accreditaion

It gives me great pleasure to announce the official accreditation from IAMI and GUEST for the Purser program

By Angela Wallace

Launch of highly anticipated IAMI GUEST Purser Program 

During the last ten years the yachting sector has seen a significant growth in the numbers of yachts over 70m, which has inevitably increased the number of positions required for onboard Yacht Purser’s. 

This in turn has led to an industry demand for the delivery of Accredited Purser training.

The IAMI GUEST approved training provider The Crew Academy set the bench mark for Purser Training over a decade ago, followed by The Purser Trainer and The Yacht Purser over the last few years.


The IAMI Maritime Hospitality Sub Group took the opportunity to join together with these established Training Providers to combine decade’s worth of Purser management, evidenced teaching expertise & experience, while representing the best interests of yacht pursers within this maritime sector, to create a robust Purser Program through the IAMI Accreditation criteria.


The demanding and complex Purser role requires proficiency in all aspects of vessel and crew administration along with logistics and backed up with excellent knowledge of maritime law, charter and destination management, accounting and keeping up to date with the ever-changing VAT laws. TheIAMI GUEST Purser Program includes a comprehensive framework of tuition where individuals gain these vital skills with the in-depth knowledge required to manage their role as a Purser confidently and professionally.

The IAMI are therefore delighted to announce that the following three Training Providers have been granted Accreditation to offer the complete IAMI GUEST Purser Program:

The Crew Academy

The Purser Trainer

The Yacht Purser

These three Approved Training Providers assure all students with a personal, concentrated and caring training environment. The approved trainers are highly experienced and use IAMI accepted tuition mediums to ensure the learning outcomes of the Program are met, safeguarding the value of the students training investment.


Upon successful completion of the IAMI GUEST Purser Program students will attain the IAMI GUEST Purser Certification.


Holders of the IAMI GUEST Purser Certification, who complete an advanced recognised Leadership qualification along with the required maritime service, will be eligible to apply for the IAMI Purser CoC.


The IAMI monitors and maintains standards of tuition and upholds assessment practices in the maritime sector for the UK MCA Deck and Engineering qualifications, as well as for the internationally acknowledged interior hospitality training – GUEST Program. 


For more details about the IAMI GUEST Purser Program please visit the GUEST website page: https://www.guest-program.com/purser-program

Please do not hesitate to contact Purser Trainer for further information